What the hell is BGM Weekends?

December 12, 2017

"Hey guys, it’s ya boy: Lee, the Bitter Gay Man and…what? Oh, blog! I thought you said vlog. Explains the lack of camera and my Smart car not being here."

I’ve made a promise to myself that I’ll travel more during 2018. I feel like I’m missing out on experiencing the United States and the world because I don’t travel more than I could. And I really want to do train travel, because it’s one of the most underrated things to do. I mean, spending DAYS getting places instead of mere hours + being groped by security? Yeah. 


Here’s the breakdown, guys. Gals. Doggos. I'll be both creating a Travel Edition of the BGM Vlogs on my BGM Media YouTube channel to document my 48-Hour Travels. I can really only travel over the weekends, due to my status as a contractor and not having PTO. Therefore, my weekly timeframes (unless I’m impeded by other plans and/or financial inabilities) fall from Friday after work until Monday before work. I’m challenging myself to have an objective-based trip each weekend, to fall completely within this timeframe.


What do I mean by “objective-based”? I’m quirky. My bucket list consists mainly of airports and museums I want to visit. I have categories of visiting specific locations, specific people, staycations, and straight-up unwind trips. I don’t have a dollar limit, but I’m trying to be as spend-thrift as possible. I’m also working on building up loyalty points with Amtrak, American Express, American Airlines, Hilton and Marriott, so those will be the main methods of travel used and payment and bed fort used.


Tomorrow, I’ll explain a bit more in-depth and post January’s travel destinations. 


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