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On-and-Off Creative Outlets

Visual Media Work

Students Typing at Their Computer

BGM Let's Play Stuff

2017 - 2020

Having a strong desire to show off interior design skills and other gaming idiosyncrazies, Lee embarked on showing timelapse videos of his gaming exploits within games such as The Sims 2 and Cities: Skylines.

The series is taking a hiatus until Lee upgrades his gaming equipment for a better recording and gameplay experience.


RS ConOps - The Series

2017 - 2020

The RS ConOps "Pro-Bono Volunteer Staff" team helps put on a few non-profit, fan-run conventions throughout the year. This was the account of a highly-skilled set of volunteers' experiences running these conventions.

The series  was suspended during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Computer Store

#NewCoonie & #MiniCoonie

2016 - 2019

Two raccoon puppets going through life exploring their surroundings, #NewCoonie & #MiniCoonie have made their way off of YouTube to exist solely in 1-minute bursts of coonie babble on Instagram with occasional appearances on YouTube.

Students Typing at Their Computer

Anubis Time

2016 - 2017

Lee is both a half-robotic raccoon furry and an Anubis furry. But he only has the Anubis fursuit, and raccoon adult onesie pajamas. In this series, he had intended on showcasing small "slice of life" adventures of the Egyptian god Anubis and his life in Los Angeles.


Eccentricity - A Webcomic

2008 - 2011

The Eccentricity webcomic was a story-driven webcomic about an evil CEO, the Egyptian god Anubis, and several dog-cat hybrids known as "fenines", and their intent on taking over an alternate universe Earth called Terran.

Computer Store

#MiniCoonie Adventures

2017 - 2019

The spin-off series from the main "#NewCoonie & #MiniCoonie", this video series was to explore in-depth various educational venues in and around Los Angeles through the eyes of a giggly, babbling tiny raccoon puppet named #MiniCoonie. Occasionally, his cousin #Steve guest-hosts.

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