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IT Brigade Team Page


IT Countess

Dee is the occasionally seen commander of the IT Brigade, sitting behind the scenes in the main office, making sure the boys (and the coonie!) are dispatched expeditiously and efficiently to the various Ascension Medical locations. Dee will, on occasion, join the boys on their adventures...particularly if they're headed to the Space Station.

Angel & Fidget

IT Wrangler & IT Raccoon

Angel, with Fidget in tow, keeps those offices hummin' and tidy. The grabby paws of this team hoards those shinies and plugs up hard-to-reach switches, servers, hubs and heat-seeking-laser-rifles. Fidget, however, has a habit of trying to wash all the devices and cables before the guys can use them, and has taken to living inside one of the server rack mounts in the main datacenter.


IT Evangelist

Chase will definitely get your printer running again. He'll figure out why the hoards of minions can't mind-connect to the hive-mind cloud anymore. And he commands the domain of IT for an entire multi-national company, all with a small team of two humans and a raccoon, from the Ascension Medical building in sprawling Los Angeles.


IT Visionary

Part 2 of "The Beards", Evan dishes out the nicknames, assigns the hardware and software, and usually staffs the front desk on the 120th floor of the Los Angeles Ascension Medical tower, commanding the entire worldwide network for Ascension and its related companies.

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