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Intellectual Properties & DMCA Notice

BGM Media has several intellectual properties that it owns and that it uses by permission. We claim copyright where appropriate. We also respect any infringement or copyright and will handle DMCA violations appropriately.


"Recycled Sushi", "RS ConOps", "BGM Media", "RS Comics" and/or "Lee Almodovar" are the legal entities behind copyright and/or trademark ownership of properties within this website's body of creative works, and in various other locations online such as but not limited to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc.

Please send any DMCA concerns to our Contact information below.




Eccentricity, EccentricityComic 1.0, EccentricityComic 2.0

  • Ascension Medical

  • Ascension Enterprises

  • Rarnar Industries

  • iArm, iLeg, iCrotch

  • Fenine(s)

  • Anubis - as presented within the webcomics

  • All webcomics characters unless otherwise noted


IT Brigade

  • Ascension Medical

  • myArm, myLeg, BeyeOnic, BiOrgan, NeuralNet, Linquo

  • AscMedNet

  • All webcomics characters unless otherwise noted


Literary Works




EccentricityComic 1.0, 2.0

  • Drake Sapphire - belongs to Drake Sapphire , used with permission

  • Sento Silvermoon - belongs to Sento Silvermoon , used with permission

  • Alexei (Alexey, Anthro Alex, AA) - belongs to Selena (Elly) , used with permission

  • Bruce Shark - belong to KaiPhaze , used with permission

  • Linkin Monroe - belongs to Linkin Monroe , used with permission

  • Jason Amora - belongs to Jason Amora , used with permission

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